Monday, January 17, 2011

Playbill Ticket Holder

This ticket holder looks like the top of a Playbill. It keeps your tickets safe and separate from other items in your purse. Like most new york ladies i have a giant bag that i could carry most of my shoebox sized apartment in so this ticket holder is easy to spot in my bag so i don't have to dump the contents of my life on the sidewalk just to find my dang tickets.

Start by making a stencil of the word 'PLAYBILL'

Make a pattern for the envelope

Iron one side of double sided interfacing to the top yellow fabric.
The interfacing will keep the envelope sturdy and allow you to add the black fabric underneath.

Remove the paper and iron the black fabric to the yellow fabric.

Remember to save letters that have shapes in side of them like the P, A and B.

Cut out the inside shapes, remove the paper backing and position them carefully.

touch the tip of the iron to the small shapes to tack them down before ironing everything again.

Cut out the envelope pattern and iron folds into the bottom flap and sides.

Iron down the top flap.

The fold will hold on its own or you can add buttons to make sure the tickets never fall out.

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