Fiber Crafts

Gray Heart Hand Felted Soap - Cranberry Glycerin

Felted Soap, Glycerin Based Soap and Natural Corriedale Wool Fibers, 2012

Eldridge - Plush Owl / Decorative Pillow 12 inches

Eldridge, Recycled Cotton, 2011

Pearl Necklace:

I had an idea in 2009 to create an imitation pearl necklace using natural white wool. Every woman in western culture recognizes the showing of status, wealth and sophistication that accompanies a pearl necklace. This piece gives a similar impression yet upon further investigation the extreme contrast in texture and luster to actual pearls may leave the viewer feeling cheated. 

After i started the project i became more interested in the physical action of felting the pearls and how it related to the process of an oyster actually making a pearl. I was slowly pushing fibers together until they formed in to something that i perceived to have greater value than before.

Felted Monsters:

These monsters were needle felted in 2009 during a stay in Boulder, Colorado.

Monsterpus, Natural Wool, 2009

Pika, Natural Wool, 2009

Mash Mouth, Natural Wool, 2009

Get Well Soon, Natural Wool, 2009

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